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Nutrient Depletion

Delivery in Lincoln, Mt. Pulaski, Atlanta and Elkart is FREE for all patients enrolled in the Stacy's Med Manager program! To get enrolled today, give us a call at 217-735-1972.

If you aren't yet enrolled in the Med Manager program, don't worry, we still deliver! A small delivery fee of $3 is applied and all of the following locations are included in our delivery area: Mt. Pulaski, Atlanta, Elkhart and Lincoln.

Today's medications are powerful and if not taken as directed you may be risking your health. If you, or someone love, have trouble remembering to take routine medications correctly and on time we can help.

Talk with a team member about our medication packaging program and take a step towards making managing your medications easier.

Stacy's Med Manager is a personalized service that coordinates all of your medications to be refilled on the same day each month.

What are the benefits:
It’s Convenient:

Pick up all of your

medications at the same

time each month. It

saves you time, money,

and multiple trips to the

It’s Personal: A pharmacy team member will personally contact you about a week before your prescriptions are due to be filled to review your medications with you before we fill them. We do not fill any medications that you do not need.
It’s Better Care: We don’t simply provide you with your medications. We team with your physician to ensure that you not only get the medication that you need, but also the education and coaching that you need to ensure that you get the most benefit from your medications.


1. Drug-Induced Nutrient Depletion. By Theresa Luu, M.D. July 2013


Stacy's Med Manager

Natural Medications

Vaccinations not only protect the person receiving them, but also help prevent the spread of diseases to others – especially those who are most vulnerable to serious complications, such as infants and young children, the elderly, and those with chronic conditions and weakened immune systems. Getting your recommended vaccines can give you the peace of mind that you have the best possible protection available against a number of serious diseases.

At Stacy's Family Pharmacy we offer immunization services for Flu and Shingles.

Every person who takes prescription drugs needs to know about drug induced nutrient depletion. The only solution to averting drug induced nutritional deficiencies is to replace the depleted nutrients through nutritional supplements, dietary sources, or both.

If you are one of the many

Americans who find yourself

needing to take medications on

a long-term basis, then you must

supplement the essential nutrients

that they steal. Taking a natural

supplement along with the

medication will replenish the

essential vitamins and minerals

that are lost. Supplements will not

only minimize or prevent unwanted

side effects caused by the drug, but also increase the effectiveness and compliance of the medication.1

To counteract the effects of nutrient depletion, Stacy's Pharmacy offers a wide variety of top-of-the-line supplements by Ortho Molecular, Metagenics, Natural Creations and Solutions Rx.

At Stacy's Family Pharmacy, we offer the best selection of natural medications. Our products use the minimum number of ingredients and are an effective alternative to popular brand name over-the-counter medications.

Stop by the pharmacy today and talk with our pharmacist to see what natural medications may be right for you!