Prostate Cancer Is Treated The Same Way As Erectile Dysfunction

Prostate Cancer Is Treated The Same Way As Erectile Dysfunction

Have you ever wondered are you safe with the prescriptions doctors give you? As a worldwide online pharmacy, we wanted to share some information with our patients. Many men are suffering from erectile dysfunction which can be only the first step to their morbidity from prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is the most widespread cancer and affects more than 18 million men only in the USA. Chemotherapy is never a good solution because there are several implications that could be caused.

Two opposite opinions

There were two opposite sides and two opposite studies: one in Germany and the other in cooperation with Swedish nationwide population-based National Prostate Cancer Register, and the Prescribed Drug Register and German urologist Stacy Loeb MD, from New York University. After testing a big number of subjects, all suffering from ED problems, they came to some conclusions.

A German study showed that there is or that there could be a very big chance of causing prostate cancer by using drugs for ED problems. In their study 4752 men participated, was determined that there is a correlation between ED medicals and the biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer. One of the most dangerous ingredients that are considered to be a cause of recurrence is phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE5i). This ingredient is one bonding element in drugs like Viagra.

Us and Swedish cooperation showed different results. In their study, only 4.8 men showed some indicators of cancer recurrence after using ED drugs. Their database was much wider and it contained data between 2006 and 2007 year. This study had much more to offer and their results had more grounds: a wider range of subjects tested (6060 men) and their population-based information were much reliably. Dr. Stacy Loeb, leading role in US study, conclude that there was ‘no significant relationship between the use of medication with the active ingredient PDE5i and prostate cancer recurrence.’ Dr. Loeb’s findings were published in the journal European Urology in December 2015. Very small cancer recurrence was confirmed by another Italian study which research concluded Dr. Leob’s findings: that there is a very small chance that drugs for erectile dysfunction can affect cancer phenomenon.

Synthesis and Conclusion

Erectile dysfunction drugsAccording to this researchers, Stacy’s Family Pharmacy is offering some of the best products on the market when it comes to ED medical problems. Those are:

  • tadalafil (Cialis),
  • sildenafil (Viagra) and;
  • vardenafil (Levitra).

Hence it has been ruled out that erectile dysfunction drugs are not linked to the biochemical recurrence of prostate cancer in men. Doctors and patients alike can breathe a sigh of relief.

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